Policies and Procedures

Consumer Complaints



We at Goza & Hall, P.A. take all consumer complaints seriously. We strive to make your interaction with our office rewarding.


If there is an issue, please call our office at 727-799-2625 and ask to speak with Jeremy Sokol, Esq. who is responsible for all new complaints.


Jeremy Sokol, Esq., will fill in our complaint intake form and attach any documentation which you provide.


Donald R. Hall, Esq., will evaluate your complaint and after evaluation, will contact you to in effort to resolve your complaint.

Contact Officer

Donald R. Hall, Esq.

Date Approved

Donald R. Hall, Esq., President


Date of Commencement

June 30, 2015

Amendment Dates


Date for Next Review

June 30, 2021

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  • This procedure is for publication on our website and in our office for all clients.